Fully compliant web presence for the U.S. Government

Liberta Server manages the deployment, operations and hosting of a complex web and mobile presence. It is a SaaS digital experience management platform (DXP) that meets FedRAMP Moderate controls.

The Open Source content management system Concrete CMS is provided as the default CMS, but other tools can be incorporated as an Agency desires. Concrete CMS makes it easy for people with any level of technical expertise to quickly add and maintain content on the web. Liberta Server makes it safe for Agency properties to keep their entire solution compliant. 

Liberta Server integrates a variety of distinct service modules including hosting, web content management, domain & SSL management, mobile app management, Single Sign On (SSO) via CAC authentication, digital asset management, online communications, analytics reporting, ad management, secure authentication, marketing automation, headless CMS and code deployment solutions. 

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Easy for Anyone

Train your content editors in just minutes online. Manage a multi-site and mobile digital presence with confidence.

Liberta Server was built with the needs of a diverse content and production team in mind.

Controls and workflows can be locked down to just what people need to do their job. Power users will discover the tools they need to effectively do more faster. 

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Liberta Server does not mess around with security. MILSPEC certified means your site is buttoned up.

Used by the U.S. Army

Liberta Server is a high-availability application that is kept continually up-to-date and is fully supported. It meets FedRAMP Moderate compliance controls which map to DISA Impact Level 2. It includes continuous monitoring, auditing, data storage and transmission, backup and restore features, SIEM capability, and complete authentication and authorization using CAC military authentication.

Every day we're working hard to take care of security concerns before you know you have them. 

With Liberta Server, Support is Built In

Support, Built In

Liberta Server is supported by digital media experts that have been building enterprise class solutions since the dawn of the world wide web.

From planning and deployment to management and monitoring, we make sure your web environment is stable and functioning optimally.

Liberta Server Features


Always on Support

With Liberta, custom support SLAs mean we are ready whenever your site needs hands-on assistance.
We’ve got you covered 24/7/365.


Multi-site: Solved

Collaborate in ways previously impossible. Liberta Server eases the rollout of mixed content and functionality updates to all your sites.


High Security, Standard

Hardend systems and high compliance to DISA standants for our physical locations and cloud environments.